FAQ Because Video can be Confusing!

It is disturbing to think that many companies routinely send people’s irreplaceable originals across the country or around the world for production. We perform all of our work here in our studio, so your valuable originals never need to travel. If you require services beyond our capability, we will offer to send your project out for you to one of our trusted US based vendors, but never without your permission, so you get to relax!
No problem. Increasingly our customers are wanting to edit their movies or upload them right to a cloud service, in which case we give your files back on a USB drive or hard drive (either yours or ours).
We regularly transfer film 50 years and older. Chances are your film will be just fine. The best thing for you to do is bring your film into our studio and let us evaluate it. Upon visual inspection we can usually determine your film’s condition. Most customers are amazed at the results we can get from very old film.
We can convert 8mm, Super 8mm, Super 8mm with sound, and 16mm film.
Yes. We have a musical soundtrack for our film transfers that we include at no additional cost. If you prefer, we can include any music of your choosing. Just provide us with the CDs, mp3s, or audio cassettes and let us know the order in which you would like the songs played. There is an additional charge for custom music.
Absolutely! In fact, we specialize in these types of videos. There is really no limit to what we can do to help document your family history or the history of a particular person in your family. We can take any content you currently have (film, photographs, slides, video tapes, newspaper articles, etc.) and combine those with new content we create such as, interviews with family members and voice-over narration, for a remarkable video biography.
Yes! We can capture the specific clips you want from multiple tapes and video edit them on one easy to view DVD.
Yes! We can take slides, photographs, old newspaper articles, and any other memorabilia you have and create a video montage on DVD. We can even add music, titles, chapter points, and custom menus to enhance your viewing experience.
We specialize in providing professional quality event video coverage at affordable prices. We offer multiple levels of event video packages depending on the needs and budgets of our customers. Give us a call to discuss your project and discover how we can meet your needs.
Turnaround time depends on your needs and our orders in progress. Typically, smaller orders are completed within a week. Regarding rush orders, we will make every effort to meet your deadline. Many times we’ve completed an order within 24hrs. If we can, we will!
The lifespan of a DVD largely depends on the manufacturing process from which it was constructed. Cheap DVDs may only last 3-5 years! We use gold archival DVDs for all our archival projects which are rated for 100 years.
Of course. Many of our customers do just that. Once your shipment arrives we will contact you to discuss the details of your project. Include all your contact information in the package and we recommend lots of bubble-wrap or crumpled newspapers around your items. There shouldn’t be anything loose bouncing around in the box. Don’t skimp on the packing tape, either. We don’t mind if getting in to your box is a challenge.
Yes. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover.
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