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Film Transfer to Digital

Film Transfer to Digital

Stilson Video Services can transfer 8mm, super 8mm, super 8mm with sound, and 16mm film to DVD or digital movie files. We've successfully transferred countless miles of film over the years for customers all over the US and abroad. No film is too old, as we’ve transferred film shot in the 1920’s (although we don’t recommend waiting that long!).

Quality Is Our Number One Objective!

We use the latest digital HD transfer technology for our 16mm & 8mm film transfers, which eliminates flicker, captures every frame from edge to edge, and produces the best image quality that can be obtained from your film. There are many 16mm & 8mm film transfer methods being utilized today that ‘get the job done’, but result in a lower image quality. These images of your family are irreplaceable! Don’t settle for inferior transfer methods, let Stilson Video digitally master your home movies and preserve them for generations to come!

We carefully hand clean all the film we receive before the 16mm & 8mm film transfer process to ensure the best possible results. If we find a break in the film, we will fix that as well at no additional charge.

Also for no extra charge, we add an optional soundtrack of background music to enjoy as you watch your movies. We even include an attractive authored menu at the beginning of the DVD that introduces your movies. Additional titles, editing and custom music are all optional services which are offered at an additional charge. Also included in our price is a custom case detailing any information that exists about your film. We feel it is important to have a written record of the film's contents along with the DVD so in the future, there will be clarity about what the viewer is watching. If you are ready to have your priceless film preserved for generations to come, give us a call. We will be happy to answer all of your film transfer questions.

Don’t delay - your Home Movie films are fading fast!

With the passage of years, more home movie films are vanishing because of deterioration of the nitrate stock on which older films were shot, or because of the more recently discovered "vinegar syndrome," which threatens the acetate-based stock on which most moving pictures were reproduced. In addition to these vulnerabilities, home movie films are susceptible to fire, floods, heat, moisture, and other environmental factors.

8mm and 16mm Film Transfer

20¢ per foot