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Legal Video Services

Legal Video Services

Activities of Daily Living Video

(Also referred to as Day-In-The-Life Video)
The purpose of this video is to honestly and accurately portray how the plaintiff's normal life routines have been altered as a result of his or her injury. The jury must clearly see and understand how the plaintiff's life has been changed so they are able to measure the loss. Many judges have held that video documentaries depicting the plaintiff's consequential damages are the "best from of evidence the jury has" to evaluate damages. If the jurors understand the injury and its impact, they can intelligently place a value on the case.

Mediation Documentary

(Also referred to as Settlement Brochure)
A mediation documentary is a concise summation of a case - usually produced on behalf of a plaintiff. The final presentation is 10 to 20 minutes long and resembles a TV style documentary. Our objective is to get the defense and insurance company to fully comprehend the pain and suffering as a result of their negligence or product liability. The presentation usually covers liability and damages and is presented during mediation or arbitration.

Video Production & Editing

In today’s media-centric society, video editing can really make or break a case. If it is not done well, the jury won’t be impressed. This requires a high level of expertise along with the latest tools and technology to get the job done.

We use the same software and technology utilized by Hollywood to create TV shows and feature films. Top professionals in the industry have trained our editors and we are committed to ongoing training that ensures we are up to speed on the latest technologies and techniques. In short, if we can imagine it, it can probably be accomplished through video editing.

Still Photos from Video

We can take camcorder tapes or VHS tapes and convert specific points on the tapes to digital files. At that point they can be printed as photographs or archived on a CD.

Video & Audio Enhancement

It is sometimes necessary to "clean up" audio so that the content can be clearly understood in court. The same is true with video. We have the tools and skills needed to enhance most audio and video so you can use it to your best advantage.

International Conversions

We can convert PAL or SECAM format tapes to an NTSC tape or DVD (the format used in the United States). Tapes recorded overseas will usually not play in players built for the US market. Our specialized conversion equipment allows us to solve this problem for you.

Duplication Services

We can get your CD and/or DVD duplication order turned quickly enough to meet almost any deadline. We use only the best CD and DVDs available, utilizing the latest in technology to ensure your satisfaction. We never use labels, but instead imprint directly onto the DVDs/CDs. We can also duplicate most tape formats as well. We look forward to handling your next duplication project.

Where’s the pricing? We’ve found that a one-price-fits-all pricelist approach doesn’t fit this kind of service. Every project is vastly different and must be priced accordingly. This allows us to give our best price to each customer.