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Sport Scholarship Videos

Sport Scholarship Videos

At Stilson Video Services, most often we work with athletes who want to showcase their talent for college coaches. We can go well beyond editing a few key highlights together. We create highly impactful videos that expertly combine game tapes, highlights, stats, awards and perhaps even an interview with your athlete. These are just some of the techniques we use that make our videos superior to other cookie cutter approaches.

The Sports Scholarship Video Process

If you already have video footage highlighting your athlete, gather it up and determine which tapes and clips will be the best to use. Let us know if you need help in the selection process. Often times the school will have game film that you can use as well. We can take virtually any tape format.

If you are lacking good footage and want us to professionally videotape your athlete in action we can do that too. Just give us a call. It is important that we start with quality video that clearly shows your athlete’s performance. There are certain things we can do to enhance the video you have, but the better video you have from the start, the better the end product will be.

Typically, coaches will want to see a mix of highlights and some unedited game footage. It is also often helpful to include some practice footage to supplement the highlights. Many times we’ll shoot these segments for our customers and involve the athlete’s coach for additional guidance. Also, if appropriate, we can include an interview with your son or daughter allowing them the opportunity to discuss their various accomplishments in sports and academics. This can be another effective technique that leaves a strong impression.

These days, college coaches almost always prefer the video be sent online instead of a DVD. We will make sure the video is optimized for whatever format is required.

It's Probably Not too Early to Begin

If you think your student athlete is headed towards excelling in a sport and may potentially earn a scholarship, it would be an excellent idea to meet with us to discuss the best way to capture your child on video. Not only will you have a head start on the process, you'll be gathering wonderful family memories at the same time.

Contact us today and help give your son or daughter a critical advantage in this highly competitive area!

Where’s the pricing? We’ve found that a one-price-fits-all pricelist approach doesn’t fit this kind of service. Every project is vastly different and must be priced accordingly. This allows us to give our best price to each customer.