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Video Editing

Video Editing

Video Editing Home Movies

These are mostly home movies shot on consumer grade family camcorders. This footage often suffers from the usual imperfections:

  • The lens cap was left on
  • Forgot to turn off the record button
  • Over ambitious use of the zoom function
  • Image too light or dark
  • Color needs correction – Grandma is green!
  • An unmentionable scene sandwiched between an otherwise wonderful collection of family clips
  • You may also want to enhance your video with titles, background music, narration, etc.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to have Stilson Video Services "clean-up" your video before we transfer it for archiving. Call us today to discuss your thoughts on editing your priceless family video.

Professional Video Editing for Business Customers

When it comes to empowering business through video, we've helped Fortune 500 companies as well as local mom-and-pop shops. No matter what your need, we are your best choice for corporate video services.

In today’s media-centric society, video editing can really make or break a project. If it is not done well, your viewers won’t be impressed and your company will appear unprofessional. We want your message to stand out and your audience to be truly inspired. This requires a high level of expertise along with the latest video editing tools and technology to get the job done.

We use the same software and technology utilized by Hollywood to create TV shows and feature films. Top professionals in the industry have trained our editors and we are committed to ongoing training that ensures we are up to speed on the latest technologies and techniques. In short, if we can imagine it, it can probably be accomplished through professional video editing. Common editing enhancements for our business customers include:

  • Titles
  • Logos
  • Special Effects
  • Music
  • Narration
  • Color Correction
  • Audio Enhancement
  • Custom DVD Authoring
Call us today to make an appointment and together we will make your project the best that it can be.

Web Video

Whether you need a new video produced for the Web or need help getting your existing video to play on your website or YouTube, give us a call. Even if it's an older video that's on videotape, we can convert it to a web video format that is best for your situation. We can also work with your Web provider or in-house Web Master to provide them with exactly what they need for seamless integration into your website.

Digital Archiving

Sometimes our corporate customers have large amounts of video stored on videotape or film and need to transfer their footage to digital files for long-term archiving. This can be very time-consuming for in-house staff so outsourcing this type of project usually makes the most sense. The same is true for photographs and slides. Give us a call to discuss the best digital archiving solution for you.

Where’s the pricing? We’ve found that a one-price-fits-all pricelist approach doesn’t fit this kind of service. Every project is vastly different and must be priced accordingly. This allows us to give our best price to each customer.