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Northeast Ohioans Have a Better Choice.

There's no need to take a chance on shipping irreplaceable movie film, videotape and photos.

Stilson Video Services can transfer your 8mm, super 8, and 16mm film to DVD or digital files. We’ve successfully transferred countless miles of film over the years for customers all across the country. No film is too old, as we’ve even achieved stunning results from 1920’s film.

Stilson Video Services can transfer all consumer format videotapes. Often times, our customer’s video tape to DVD transfer projects include more than one format which we can easily accomodate. Each transfer project is handled on an individual basis to meet your specific needs.

Whether it’s a high school sport scholarship video, a corporate production, event coverage, or a dance recital, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced videographers have seen it all and our professional editing capability can make all the difference in exceeding your expectations.


What our customers are saying.

  • Everything I Wanted

    Several years ago, I had Bill Stilson copy the old family 8mm movies, and he did a great job. Every file was named the way the movies were labeled, in chronological order, and everything was perfectly copied. I recently went through my old camcorder tapes and decided which ones I wanted to preserve, and naturally I called Bill to do those, too…

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    - Vivian

It’s Not Worth The RISK!

Damaged Box

Don’t risk losing your family memories forever. Stilson Video Services provides NE Ohioans a better option than having to send away a lifetime of  irreplaceable archives. We’ve heard so many horror stories over the years where peoples’ memories were lost or damaged in shipping. Please don’t let this happen to you.

When you bring your project to our studio, you’ll gain peace of mind. Not only will you speak with the person directly responsible for working on your project, you’ll know that your precious family memories will never leave the studio for any reason until you’re ready to pick up and enjoy the final product.

A Local Source for 8MM & 16MM Film Transfer Projects in HD!

Turning old family movies into memories that can be shared with loved ones makes a great gift to yourself or extended family. We now have the capability to produce even higher quality video from film then ever before – even better than the day it was shot in some cases! We’ve transferred countless miles of film for customers all across the US and abroad.

The preservation of your family memories is our number one priority. While in our care, your film will never leave our secured studio. We first carefully hand clean your film before the transfer process begins to ensure the best possible results. We then scan each frame of your film using the latest digital HD transfer technology. This process eliminates flicker, captures every frame from edge to edge, and produces the best image quality that can be obtained from your film. But we’re not done! The next step in the process involves our professional editor examining the final product and making any adjustments needed for maximum quality results. Finally, your digital movie files are ready to be saved to a gold archival 100 year DVD or any other digital format you prefer.

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